Return Customer Deal


Each 3.5-hour session will involve multiple missions and gameplay. Our referees are committed to facilitating a truly great paintball experience for you and the team. These sessions are great for bucks parties, birthday groups, social outing and team events.

You can expect to play games and missions like:

  • - Search and Destroy
  • - Hunger Games
  • - Omaha Bridge
  • - Team Deathmatch
  • - Rush
  • - Capture the Flag
  • - Zombies Infected
  • - And many more to choose from...

You can also expect to be using game props like riot shields, juggernauts, medics, bombs and vehicles (driven by refs) depending on what games are played.

This special deal includes:

  • Mask Rental;
  • Overalls Rental;
  • Chest Protection;
  • Tippman 98 Paintball Marker;
  • Field Fee;
  • Unlimited Air Refills
  • 1000 rounds.