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One question we get asked frequently is "How do I become a member and what are the benefits?", well if you are looking for the answer, you have come to the right place.

Many, but not all, paintball fields have some form of field membership. Now we can't speak for any other fields but we are certainly qualified to speak about what our membership offers you!!

Perk 1 - Enables you to buy a paintball gun!

When you join up as a member, you will receive a "Letter of Approval", this you will need in order to buy your own paintball gun. This letter of approval is proof that you are a financial member of a registered paintball shooting gallery. When applying for your weapons license, you will need to submit this letter to weapons licensing in order for them to process the application.

For in-depth details on how to get your weapon license in QLD "CLICK HERE"

Perk 2 - You become part of the Tac Fam!

When you join as a member you get given access to the "Tactical Ops Members" facebook group. This is where all the paintball talk happens between members, talk about future events, selling gear, forming teams and a shit load of banter.

Perk 3 - Price Drop!!

When joining as a member there is a HUGE price drop in paint. The reason why?? Is to promote people to come out and play more, buy your own gear and get into the sport without breaking the bank!

Different events have different price points of paint. But as a general rule of thumb, paint will generally half in cost.

For example:

Ultimate Battlefield per 2000 rounds

Non Member - $200

Member - $125

Tactical Paintballing session per 2000 rounds

Non Member - $300

Member - $150

Sold out

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As you can see, the perks of joining as a member allows people to play a lot more paintball without breaking the bank, allows you to buy your own paintball gun to use and do it with a great bunch of likeminded people.

However, we don't recommend joining if you are only looking to play once a year. But if you are like the rest of our Tac Family, then we highly recommend getting involved!!