Covert Ops

by Event

We are about to do something we have never done before!


Our event masterminds have put together an event that is designed to scratch that ultimate tactical itch. In the past, we have run events where large scale warfare is the main aim, we have run small squad based events that get you working in small scale fire fights over a large battlefield. But what we have created now is something that all you tactical players are not going to want to miss.


We introduce to you…. COVERT OPS


  • Played under darkness

  • Cut off at 60 players

  • 100 rounds per mission

  • Single life missions

  • Full mission planning with small squad operations and missions that will have you sneaking around in darkness

  • Cutting generator lines

  • Setting up lights

  • Moving through enemy lines unseen

  • Patrolling vehicles

  • Working with flashlights

  • Defending and attacking sentry points.


A note from the event coordinators.


We wanted this event to not be about going out and just shooting people. We wanted this event to be about receiving a mission from some form of commander, planning out exactly how best to execute that mission with your best mates and going out on the field under darkness to see how it all plays out.  

This event will have you operating, in some missions, under strict orders not to engage unless engaged upon first. That might mean sneaking into a defended area unseen to grab some intel, while the rest of the squad gets as close as possible to the defenders to take them out if shit goes down. This is just one example of how we want the missions to play out.


We have designed all these missions to be about the exhilaration that comes with covert operations.


We hope that the people that come out to this event and leave having had a truly great experience.  


Thanks in advance..