Battle Royale

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Tactical Ops Paintball is holding Queensland's Second Battle Royale event on the 16th December 2018.

15 Acres of Battlefield, bunkers, villages, forts, jungle and sniper nests.
Think you have what it takes? Start the game with nothing, scrounge around to find your weapons ammo, backpacks and vests.
Morning Session - 8am to 12pm (please arrive at 7-7.30am for check in)
Afternoon Session - 1pm to 5pm (please arrive at 12-12.30pm for check in)

Tickets are $150


Equipment List/Rules

  • Oz Tag - Every player will get an OzTag to be worn at all times, If this is ripped off by another player, you are dead.
  • Bandages - Bandages will be left out on the fields for players to pick up. These enable players to revive themselves when downed.
  • Red Bull - Redbull will be left out on the fields for players to pick up. These enable players to revive themselves when downed.
  • Hoppers (Gravity & Electric) - Hoppers will be on the ground for people to pick up and use.
  • Tippmann with no hopper - Players are able to pick up
  • Tippmann with hopper - Players are able to pick up
  • Electro - Players are able to pick up
  • M2 - Players are able to pick up
  • D-fender - Players are able to pick up
  • Dye Dam - Players are able to pick up
  • Lvl 1 vest - Protects your chest for one hit. Must take the vest off once you are hit and turn it inside out. Black Vests are live vests. Camo vests are considered dead.
  • Lvl 2 Vest - Protects your chest for the whole game.
  • Pod Harness 4+ - Pod harnesses enable people to hold 4 extra items
  • Tac Helmet - Eliminates headshots
  • Vehicles - A vehicle will be on the field, for players to use (Staff driving) you will be able to drive for a total of 1 minute with the use of a jerry can.
  • Jerry Can - Need to take to the vehicle for it to run.
  • Drops - 3 drops will occur throughout each game... These drops will have high valued items in them.
  • Ammo - Ammo will be found throughout the field for players to use.
  • Pods - Empty pods will enable players to transfer paint from bags that they may find for ease of use.
  • Bags of 500 paintballs - Will be on the field for players to pick up.
  • Backpacks 4+ - Backpacks will enable people to carry an additional 4 items. 
  • Maps containing drops and ammo stashes - Maps containing high ticket items hidden on the field.



  • Hit

As a player with no armor (Every player at the start of the game), if you get shot anywhere on the body (Gunshots don't count) that is classed as a hit. If you are shot, you are then a downed player. Downed players cannot shoot their weapon, but they can communicate and crawl as fast or as slow as they like. Both knees have to be touching the ground…..

  • How to revive a downed player -

As a downed player, you can revive yourself by wrapping a bandage around your arm or leg, Or, drinking a FULL WHOLE can of Redbull. If you are playing Squad or Duo games, you can revive yourself or a teammate can revive you by securing a Glowstick around the arm of the downed player… Whilst this is happening, weapons must not be shot.

  • How to kill a downed player (Downed players cannot win the game)

In order to kill a downed player, you must get to them and remove their Oztag. This immediately kills the player and their body is ripe for looting.  

  • What classes as a hit?

Paintballs do not need to break in order to class as a hit. If you get hit with a paintball anywhere on the body, that is classed as a hit. The following equipment is classed as armor, Backpacks, vests, and helmets

  • Number of items you can carry

A player with equipment that has no carry ability can only hold 2 items. If, for example, you pick up a pod pack (4 items), you can then carry up to 6 items, then if you find a backpack, you can carry an additional 4 items. Making it 10 items in total.

  • Jump

At the start of each game, all players will be loaded into the plane (truck). The plane will then pick a direction and start flying from one end of the map to the other. You can jump out of the plane and walk with it (Falling) as soon as you leave the 10-meter radius of the truck, you are then a live player.

  • Circle

The circle will be referees that will be marked with blue. At the start of the game, the refs will be on the boundary of the field, they will be armed and ready. All referees will know where the circle will finish before the end of the game... At certain points in time, the referees will start walking slowly, this represents the circle. When the circle first starts closing in, and if you are outside this circle, they will start shooting at you, The closer the circle gets to the center of the field the more accurate and more frequent the rounds will start coming at you.

  • Drops

There will be 3 drops per game. On the field will be multiple Ammo Crates, these Ammo Crates will be clearly visible if you happen to walk by one. Under no circumstance, are you able to open a crate if you see one!  You will be notified by the sound of a plane blasted through the speakers. When you hear this sound, you can expect to see a flare lit somewhere around the field at the location of an ammo crate, this signifies the crate is now fair game for people to loot. These crates will have high valued items in them.

  • Weapon drop/pickup

“This is a MUST DO for the sake of looking after the firearms and equipment on the field”...

If you are playing and find a gun on the ground that is better than the one that you have in your possession, you must place the old gun on the ground in place of the new one. Likewise for equipment, If you want to drop some unwanted equipment to free up space for better equipment, you can only drop said equipment in place of the new gear.

If you are downed and a player comes up to you and takes your Oztag, which makes you a dead player, all your equipment is now available to loot. If that player drops some gear, gun, and vest to take all your better gear, you must take all the dropped gear back with you to the Safe zone and hand it into staff at the designated Equipment zone that will be showed to you in the Welcome brief at the start of the day...

  • Maps

There will be 1 or 2 maps hidden on the field, these maps will hold the location of High Valued Equipment that is hidden to the naked eye. This equipment will only be found if you have the exact location from the maps hidden around the field.

  • Hand to hand combat

If you come up against someone with no weapon you can engage them in hand to hand combat. This means you need to get their Oztag off them before they get yours off you. No punching, pushing or kicking in any way is allowed in any form.  Once your Oztag is taken from you, you are a dead player and are out of the game.

  • Looting people

If you are a dead player, you are free for the person that knocked you out to loot your gear. All gear dropped by the player and the remaining gear left on you will be your responsibility, you must take all the dropped gear back with you to the Safe zone and hand it into staff at the designated Equipment zone that will be shown to you in the Welcome brief at the start of the day.

  • Game Time

Game time will be dependent on players staying alive.