We welcome members, players, and spectators at Tactical Operation Paintball Pty Ltd to our fields at Calvert.

Players must be over the age of 15yrs by law under the Queensland Weapons Act and Regulations as we are a licensed Shooting Gallery under the Act.   Players under the age of 18yrs must have parental, legal guardian or authorized adult consent to play and they must sign the mandatory waiver prior to playing.

To be able to play on our fields you must first read and complete a waiver form and bring the completed form with your identification to the counter for registration and payment.

Payment for playing includes all safety equipment, overalls, and marker as well as entry to the fields.

Bookings must be made in advance so that sufficient staff and equipment will be ready when players arrive at the fields.

Field Prices include gst: –




Rookie 300 $60
Private 500 $88
Captain 700 $115
Pro 1000 $155

Members Fees:-

Players can join to be a member and the yearly subscription is $120 (inc gst).  This membership gives you access to the following benefits:-

  • Access to the Paintball Members Facebook Page
  • Box of Paintballs for $150 (inc gst) any time you come to play at the fields
  • Discount at all Tactical Warfare Days
  • Access to information about upcoming events.
  • You will be part of a really terrific group of paintball enthusiasts who help you to train and become members of teams for both Bushball and Speedball events.

Once you have selected and paid for your paintball package, you will be issued with your equipment and be ready to go onto the fields.

It will be at this time you will be issued with a paintball marker and given instructions on safety and the use of the marker.

Safety requirements which must be followed when playing include: –

  • Follow all instructions of the referees
  • Keep your mask fitted at all times when playing on the field, masks can only be removed in the safety area
  • You must remain hydrated while playing
  • Be mindful of being in a bush setting and respect the torrain and any animals on the field which may include kangaroos and reptiles
  • Be careful with all equipment and return all equipment issued at the end of the game as instructed
  • Advise referees if you feel unsafe at any time during the game
  • Follow the rules of the game
  • Any other lawful and reasonable instruction given while playing the game.


The Headquarters of PHQ and TOP is located on 130 acres at Calvert Queensland.  The property address is 15 Cummings Road, Calvert and there is a sign indicating the entrance road at No 11 Cummings Road, Calvert.

Strict speed limits of 5 kilometers per hour (5KPH) will be enforced at all times when on the property, and are positioned within the property to ensure compliance.

The property has a large designated and well-marked parking area is located about 100 meters from the main entrance.  Players are encouraged to lock their vehicles, and place any valuables safely in the boot of the car. Keys can be left at Headquarters in lockers that are located opposite the front counter.

Headquarters staff and referees will greet players and spectators and lead them through the sign in process.   Every player must sign an indemnity form that includes his or her personal details. Once they have completed the form (which is also found on-line for those who wish to fill it out beforehand) they will move to the counter where they will indicate which of our packs they would like to purchase.  

After purchases are completed they will be given overalls and masks and then asked to proceed to the briefing areas outside.  At this time management and staff will provide a detailed verbal briefing, which will cover safety and other rules.


The property has multiple fields which are modified regularly to ensure return players get a variation to their games.  Our fields are spread over 20 acres of our property and include: –

  • Omaha Bridge
  • Jungle Field
  • Sniper Field
  • Close Combat Field
  • Speedball field.  

A designated safety zone is located to the western side of the fields and is marked clearly with the words “Safety Zone”.   Before players enter into the safety zone, all markers are to be stored at a designated point which is clearly marked at the entrance of the safety area.  Referees are to check off all players prior to entering the safety area.


Referees have complete authority on the playing fields.

Referees must hold a current Queensland Weapons License.

Management is responsible for supervising all personnel (shooting and non-shooting alike) present on the property and may have members and/or non-members removed at his/her discretion.


Paintball markers are not permitted into safety zones.

Safety/spectators areas have been constructed in the fields to provide an area to rest and to observe games.  Markers are to be unloaded before entering these areas.

Masks may be removed in safety areas.


Only body and heady protection that meets Australian Standards are to be used.   Any player who brings their own body and head protection to the field is to report to a referee and have such equipment inspected prior to entering upon the fields.   If a referee does not believe the equipment to be of sufficient standard, then the play will be directed to Headquarters where alternative equipment will be issued.

Eye and throat protection for all attendees is to be work once they have left the briefing area.

Chest and groin protection is available to players.

People not equipped with paintball masks are to keep out of the paintball field during paintball games times, as blinding can occur without proper eye protection.  If a non-player ventures onto a field, play will cease immediately allowing that person to be removed.


Players are NOT to have any other weapon (legal or illegal) in their possession at any time during the game.

Players are not to make contact with any other player or do anything that would injure himself or herself or any other person on the field.

All players have to take care when running, jumping or climbing any of the natural or other features on the grounds.   Players are to remain on the ground at all times and are not to climb any fixture or tree during the game.

Appropriate clothing must be work at all times.  Clothing must provide protection to the player but not hinder the safe operation of the markers.

Closed footwear must be worn at all times.  

All players are to complete a waiver form and range registration before playing.  Players aged 15 – 17 must have their waiver signed by a parent, guardian or supervisor.


Any privately owned markers which is brought to the fields, must be inspected and tested by a referee prior to such marker being allowed to be taken onto the field.   Any marker failing inspection will not be able to be used on the fields. Private markers are to be brought on site in a stout closed bag or other suitable container.

All markers are to be a least 75cm in length with air canister attached.

No knives or other dangerous equipment is to be brought on the play field.

Players who bring the own markers to the fields, must produce their Queensland Weapons License to the front counter at Headquarters.  A copy of that license will be kept by management as well as details of the marker.

All private compressed air cylinders are to be checked by staff for test date and exterior condition


No illegal drug or substance is to be brought onto the grounds.

Alcohol is not to be consumed immediately before or during the game.


All Tactical Operations equipment is to be returned to the Headquarters at the end of every game.  Any equipment not returned will be billed to the player.


It is possible that wildlife will enter upon fields during play.   All wildlife is to be preserved at all times. Any person found tampering with wildlife will be disqualified.


Heat related illness can be severe.  Water and other cold drinks are available at all times at Headquarters.  Players are urged to drink at least 2 litres of water prior to attending the fields and be well hydrated prior to the commencement of games.


A first aid kit is located at Headquarters and its location is clearly marked with a Red Cross Logo.   Referees are to carry a snake envenomation first aid kit at all times.


This Privacy Policy sets out our commitment to protecting the privacy of your personal information that we collect through this website www.tacticalopspaintball.com.au or directly from you.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Best In Class No-Hassle Return Policy + Satisfaction Guarantee

Tactical Ops Paintball is the #1 fastest-growing Paintball field in Queensland.

  • All deposits are non-refundable;
  • Any players that do not show up and participate on the booked playing date forfeit their deposit. Online payments are non-refundable. Paintballs are non-transferrable and can't be shared amongst players;
  • 48 hours notice prior to playing date is required for a change of playing date/number of participants, subject to availability.
  • Extra paintballs purchases on the field are non-refundable.

Should the cancellation be made within 48 hours of the game commencing, any deposits paid will be forfeited.

Communication with our staff is essential as a lot of work is undertaken prior to the game with staff and equipment, so the earlier you can contact us if you need to cancel or change the date, the better.

Payments for Games

Games are priced individually dependant on how many paintballs you wish to purchase.  Deposit + your selected Paintball Package include all paintballs, safety equipment and paintball marker hire as well as entry to the fields.  

You can purchase your Paintball Packages on the day at reception - whichever is easier for you. 

Deposits must be paid by everyone in the group prior to the playing date.




Playing the game of paintball is competitive, strategic, skillful and a team sport.   

Guess what, it is in fact safer than most other extreme games or sports, as fewer injuries are recorded than other sports such as rugby, soccer and basketball.   Like any sport, game or practice, safe participation results from observance and compliance to the appropriate safety guidelines. As long as these guidelines are followed, paintball is an exceptionally safe game.

The most basic and essential safety guidelines for paintball are as follows: –

  • Keep your facemask on at all times when outside the safety zone or base camp. The only safe time to remove your mask is in the designated “safe zone” where no paintball markers are present.
  • Do not shoot anyone at close range. The appropriate course of action when faced with an opponent at short distance (less than 3 meters) is to instruct them to surrender.
  • Always assume a marker is loaded, and treat it accordingly. When not in use, engage the safety catch and point the marker in a safe direction (towards the ground)
  • Only use a facemask specifically designed for paintball and do not tamper with or alter a mask or other equipment in any way.
  • If your mask or any other item of equipment is damaged in any way, immediately bring the fault to the attention of a referee or on site supervisor who can then issue you with new equipment.
  • Never tamper with a gas bottle of propellant as these are potentially dangerous and should only be filled and serviced by qualified personnel.
  • Employ common sense when playing in bush areas or around potentially harmful obstacles such as trip hazards or uneven ground.

Remember that legitimate paintball fields, such as those approved by our local Ipswich City Council and Queensland Police Weapons Licensing Branch, are safe controlled environments with qualified staff to deal with insurance, risk assessment, training, first aid, supervision and control. All of our referees have completed the Firearms Safety Course as required under the Queensland Weapons Act 1990.  Referees are trained to ensure all players participate within the guidelines of the games and do not do anything that may potentially cause harm to themselves or other players.


Paintball is the ultimate game of combat, played in natural surroundings.   Two teams compete in a set scenarios situation, where they are challenged to work together in combat to defeat the other team.

Players use air-propelled ‘paint guns’ otherwise known as ‘markers’ to mark and eliminate the opposing team with non-toxic paintballs.


  • Balls that bounce off players or their equipment are not counted as a strike
  • Balls that explode on a player, a helmet or a marker are counted as a strike.
  • Attacking teams will have 6 medics that will respond when fellow teammates are struck with a paintball.  
  • Defending teams when hit will be required to move back one barricade.


Tactical Operations Paintball is committed to ensuring all players remain safe while a game is in progress.  In managing this risk to players there are rules that must be followed while a game is in progress.

Prior to the commencement of a game all markers have been serviced and checked for velocity so that the paintballs are flying at less than 290 feet per second.  At these speeds, the balls impact is more startling than painful, something like the quick sting of a fat rubber band.


You do not have to have any experience to play the game, all that is required is courage and determination.


Tactical Operations Paintball is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday as well as during the week for special events.   Go to www.tacticalopspaintball.com.au and you can book online if you are not already in a team, and we will place you into a team for the day’s events.  This is a great opportunity to play with others who have experience and you will learn a lot about strategy when you get into a team with others who have played before.  So you can come by yourself or with friends.

Reservations can be made for full teams but you should book in advance or consider coming through the week when corporate or special games can be conducted to suit team needs.


Games commence at 9am and 2pm each Saturday and Sunday and public holidays.   It is important to arrive on the grounds at least one hour before the game commences.  This will give you enough time to register, be kitted with markers and safety equipment, and be allocated to a team prior to the briefing and induction taking place.


All players MUST have fully enclosed shoes or boots.  This is a combat event, and you will be playing in bush surroundings, therefore camouflage or dark coloured clothes and running shoes should be worn.  However camouflage overalls will be supplied, if you don’t have your own gear. Obviously your clothes are going to be marked with paint during the game, so do not wear your good clothes.

All protective headgear is provided by Tactical Operations Paintball and it is compulsory to wear this equipment during the game.

We sell personal protective and other equipment at Headquarters.


The fields are located on a property west of Ipswich and situated over 130 acres.  On the fields there are props such as bunkers, trenches, mounds, tyres, villages, forts and other props to make the game interesting.

A safety emergency area is designated and will be indicated at the briefing prior to games commencing.


From start to finish is about 3.5 hours, however the stronger you team the longer you will stay in the game.  It’s all about strategy, technique, skill, communication and your aim. The stronger you become as a player the longer you will stay on the fields.


Cold drinks are available for purchase at all times when the fields are open.

Some food is available and BBQ’s are set up for use by all players.


Some camping is available on the grounds, however strict rules apply to anyone camping.  Prior permission has to be sought by players prior to camping being allowed, and Management of Tactical Operation Paintball are the only people allowed to give that consent.

People wishing to camp do so at their own risk, and must sign a waiver prior to any stay on the property.


Corporate outings offer fun away from the office.  Team Building is essential to help our clients develop their business and ensure that their colleagues understand the strengths of the people they work with on a daily basis.

Whether you come to blow off stress from the standard working week or to practice strategizing, planning, and follow-through, Tactical Operation Paintball at Calvert is sure to be a hit. Groups of all backgrounds and core values can benefit from this memorable activity.

Referees will assist your group in tactical scenarios, leadership, teamwork, and competitive skills. Tactical Operation Paintball provides everything you need to ensure your paintball adventure will be a resounding success—an experience your company will talk about and share for years to come.

  • 130 Acres of beautiful Australian bushland
  • Top-line Rental Equipment, Clothing & Supplies
  • Complete Packages to Meet Your Needs
  • Lunch & Private Picnic Area