Weekend Paintball Pricing

Prices for Weekend Paintball Sessions at Tactical Ops Paintball. 

How it works...

To get access, equipment, and your first 100 rounds you will need to purchase a 'Weekend Paintball Ticket' online prior to arrival for the price of $30pp. Then, when you arrive at the field (or online prior to arrival) you will purchase an extra paintball package. The more paintballs you buy, the cheaper it is per 100 rounds.   If you run out of paintballs on the fields, or you wish to not purchase an extra paintball package upon check-in, then every 100 rounds are sold for $22 on the field. It is much more affordable to purchase a package online with your ticket or upon registration at the fields.

All players must buy a 'Weekend Paintball Ticket',  $30 each, prior to arrival… 

This ticket includes

- Mask rental

- Overalls rental

- Chest protection

- Tippman 98 paintball marker

- Field fee

- Unlimited air refills

- Your first 100 paintballs. 

Please note... 100 paintballs will not last very long, on average, people will shoot 700 - 800 rounds in a 3.5-hour session.  However, yes, you can come out and have fun with 100 rounds, you will just need to have a very strategic playing type, I.E shoot to Kill...

We would like to have this shared understanding around this before players come out to the field to ensure that nobody is misled. 


200 Extra Paintballs - $40
400 Extra Paintballs - $80
600 Extra Paintballs - $108
900 Extra Paintballs - $162
1400 Extra Paintballs - $224

Extra Paint On The Field - 

All extra paint on the field when games commence are based at $22 per 100 paintballs. 


Best In Class No-Hassle Return Policy + Satisfaction Guarantee

Tactical Ops Paintball is the #1 fastest-growing Paintball field in Queensland.

  • All weekend tickets are non-refundable
  • Additional pre-paintball package refunds require 48 hours notice prior to playing date. 
  • Any players that do not show up and participate on the booked playing date forfeit their weekend playing ticket + online package payments and inclusions. Online payments are non-refundable. Paintballs are non-transferrable.
  • 48 hours notice prior to playing date is required for a change of playing date/number of participants, subject to availability. 

Should the cancellation be made within 48 hours of the game commencing, any Paintball Packages purchased online will be forfeited. Communication with our staff is essential as a lot of work is undertaken prior to the game with staff and equipment, so the earlier you can contact us if you need to cancel or change the date, the better.