How To Book Your Group Into a Weekend Paintball Session

Please Read The Below Steps To Gain A Shared Understanding Of How To Make A Booking...

Step 1.  (Group Organisers Only)

Click the ‘Make a Booking’ button at the top of the screen, select the date you wish to play, the session that suits you best, leave us a message, enter your details and click submit.

Step 2.

Wait for a call from one of our staff to confirm times and date. 

Step 3.

Head over to the Weekend Paintball Ticket page and purchase yourself a ticket. Please select the group booking that you have just confirmed with our staff over the phone.  For example, If the group you have booked in is for Jack Carews 25th Birthday Party, it will show like so....  Please select this and purchase your Weekend Paintball Ticket for the session. 

JC25th Birthday Party - Morning Session

Step 4.

Request all the players playing in your group to head to the same page and purchase their own 'Weekend Paintball Ticket'. (Please note)... Every player is required to purchase their own Weekend Paintball Ticket prior to the session date in order to play.

A ticket will gain the player entrance into the event, All the gear that they need to play with and their first 100 rounds.

Step 5. (Optional)

Come on out on the day you have booked in 45 min prior to the session start time. After waivers have been filled out players can purchase extra paintball packages when registering with check-in staff. 

(Please note)... Every player is required to purchase their own extra paintball package. Paintballs are not allowed to be shared.