How old do I have to be to play?

In Queensland, the minimum age to play paintball is 15 years and older. If you are under 18 it is required that your parental guardian sign your Indemnity Waiver. All players under the age of 21 must show ID upon registration.

How much does it cost?

Prices begin with your Weekend Paintball Ticket at $30. This covers access, equipment and your first 100 Paintballs. You are then able to purchase an Extra Paintball Packages which are between $40 - $224. You are also able to purchase Field Upgrades such as a marker upgrade, protective headbands and gloves.

How is the day organised?

Make a booking with us either Online or by giving us a call on 0477 522 520. A staff member will contact you to confirm your booking. Further information about making a booking can be found Here.

How long do I play for? What can I expect?

Each paintball session goes for 3.5 hours. Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the session start time. Sessions involve multiple missions and game play. Our referees are committed to facilitating a truly great paintball experience for you and the team!

Throughout the session, you can expect to play games and missions like:

  • Search and Destroy;
  • Hunger Games;
  • Omaha Bridge;
  • Team Deathmatch;
  • Rush;
  • Capture the Flag;
  • Zombies Infected;
  • And many more…

You can also expect to be using game props like riot shields, juggernauts, medics, bombs and vehicles (driven by Refs) depending on what games are played.

What should I wear?

You have the option of wearing camouflage overalls, underneath these, we suggest wearing light clothing likes shorts and a shirt, avoid jumpers and long pants. The idea to wear thick clothes may seem appealing to reduce the impact of a hit, but really it will just increase the chance of overheating and your paintball mask fogging up. Glasses will fit comfortably under our rental masks.

Is Paintball dangerous? Does it hurt?

Paintball is only dangerous if you don’t follow the safety rules! This is one of the safest activities out there. Approved paintball masks, thorough safety briefings  and limits on paintball gun velocities help prevent injuries. Our referees are also highly trained and experience to ensure that everyone follows the rules, stays safe and have a kick ass time!

Being hit by a paintball only hurts depending on where you get hit, whether it breaks or not (balls which bounce tend to be more painful), and what kind of clothing you wear. All our paintball markers are capped at 10.5 BPS (balls per second). Even when you do get shot, it feels just like a quick sting where you say “Ow!” then a few seconds later, forget about it.

However, when the adrenaline takes over and you are in the zone, you’ll barely notice!!

Want to take your game to the next Level?

Besides our social weekend paintballs, we run multiple events throughout the year. These events include (click one for more information):

What is the maximum amount of players?

Each weekend session is capped at 60 players maximum. Where as our Tactical Warfare events are capped at 100 players maximum.

Where are the fields located?

The Tactical Ops Paintball fields are located at 15 Cummings Road, Calvert, QLD 4340. Just 50 Minutes West of Brisbane