The Best Way To Organise A Group For Paintball With No Hassl!

Please Note: this is written to the fellas out there based off my own experience, also, 95% of people who play paintball are males, however, ladies, this applies to you nonetheless and some of the terminologies below can be slightly changed to suit your needs. Here we go…

If you’re the person in your group of friends that usually does all the organising for events and social outings, then I’m sure you know the feeling of having lots of people say they’re coming, or, click the ‘Going’ button on the Facebook group, but don’t show up on the day.

We all have those friends in the group that are the no-shows or let the boys down by simply not showing up or pulling out at the last minute.

Now there are lots of reasons for this, one is, at the time of the committed “Yes I’m coming” they think it’s a great idea to go, so they show intent that they are going to come. Then they don’t think about it until the day before and then realise that they have no money, or they do something the night before and are hung over, or, double booked the day, or, just simply don’t have the motivation to come, OR, they’re just being shit. Some will say “this is dogging the boyz”.

Here are a few tips on how to actually keep the whole group keen and excited to go as a whole group.

Create a Facebook event AND a group chat on Facebook Messenger.

Obviously, Facebook groups are a good way to organise any sort of social outings. You can invite the people that you want to come and post to the event and everyone will see you post if they click attending, yadda, yadda, yadda…. BUT, here is the trick, just before you create the event and invite people, jump onto messenger and create a messenger group chat first. In this, your first message should look like this.

“Boys, I’m about to create an event on facebook for ‘x’ weekend. Listen up, ONLY click ‘Going’ if you are actually going to come. If you click “Going’ and don’t turn up, this is considered ‘dogging the boyz’ and you will be ridiculed and we will hang shit on you for dogging the boyz. We are all going to go out and shoot the shit out of each other and have a mad time. Again, don’t dog on the boyz.

Once this is done, create the event and invite the boys.

Organise Your Shit, So They Can Organise Their Shit.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to organise your shit in order for the group to organise their shit, hence, giving people heaps of time in advance to book that day out. If you’re anything like me, this is no easy feat. You’re just going to have to realise that if you do get things organised, you will be able to shoot more of your mates, or, have more mates on your team, whatever tickles your jiblets.

Get Everybody Mad Keen.

This is simple enough, jump onto the paintball fields Facebook page or Youtube channel and watch some videos. Find the top three videos and grab the links, share them on the event page.

If you share a video like this into the group,, 9 times out of 10, it will get the boys keen and put paintball high on their priority list. Making them want to either save the money, not drink as much the night before, or, actually get up in the morning if you have organised a morning session.

Sharing the website URL and getting them researching for themselves is a good way to raise interest in the group.

Another way is to share a few memes on the event page like this one, or this one, Creating some banter and hanging shit on your mates is always fun.

Keep People Accountable.

When you see your mates leading up to the event, talk about it, ask them if they watched the videos and checked out the website. This keeps everyone updated in the real world, not just on social media.

If you do all of the above, you should have a keen as balls group rock op on the day and make some sick memories with your mate shooting the shit out of each other.

And finally...

Thanks for reading this article. It would mean the world to me if you could leave a comment with your thoughts and give it a share if you know someone that would get value out of it.

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